WSJ on the pointlessness of cover letters

Some job seekers say writing cover letters is a job itself, and one that yields little reward for the effort. Before Devin Miller’s most recent job, he wrote about 10 cover letters to companies he wanted to work for. Each was different, and he wanted to signal that he knew what the work would entail, he said. He heard back from none. To get his current role, he responded to a recruiter who had reached out to him and asked just for a résumé, the 33-year-old Mr. Miller said.

My experience looking for a job last year was the same as Devin's. For all the applications with carefully-crafted cover letters, I got one, five-minute conversation with an HR specialist where I explained that, no, that salary offer isn't adequate. Every other interview I had came from a recruiter who found my LinkedIn profile and messaged me here.