Job Rejection Emails: Are They Necessary

from HR Bartender:

But the article got me thinking about rejection emails in general. First, organizations should always close the loop with applicants and candidates. ALWAYS! Today’s technologies allow organizations to send applicants and candidates emails to let them know their status in the process. There’s no reason not to.

I occasionally see listicles of reasons not to, but they largely seem to assume that recruiters and hiring managers are struggling with thick manila folders full of paper resumés, with no way to contact all these people but to call each of them individually. The reality, of course, is that HR software will do this—little more than clicking a checkbox will send automatic updates to every applicant until the system is replaced. It's hard to give the benefit of the doubt to an employer that's chosen, as an organization, not to click that checkbox.

I’d take this one step further and say organizations have an obligation to do more than send an email to internal candidates. At this point, it’s not about recruitment. Letting an internal candidate know that they are no longer being considered is a development conversation. The employee wants to know that the organization is going to support their future development.

Being completely ignored as an internal applicant has factored into my leaving decisions in the past. There's no reason to stay with an employer that values human beings in general, and you in particular, so little.