Attorney for a Top Florida Insurance Law Firm Disbarred After Forgeries, Misconduct

(From Insurance Journal):

I'm still trying to figure out how she thought this was going to work out.

The Bar’s complaint lists several issues, including lack of truthfulness, misconduct and lack of communication, and details one case in particular that unfolded in 2020 and 2021. In a slip-and-fall claim against Rooms To Go furniture company in Miami, Muller offered to settle the claim for $325,000, even though she was not authorized to do so, the Bar said.

She then sent the plaintiff’s attorney a photocopy of a check that she had allegedly fabricated. The plaintiff’s lawyer filed motions to enforce the settlement, which resulted in a court judgment in March 2021 of $425,000, the complaint explains.

Despite garnishment actions against the law firm, the money never materialized. Muller then agreed to send $550,000 to stop the garnishments. She allegedly sent a photocopy of another fabricated cashier’s check, then said she would hand-deliver the check.

But on the day of the planned transfer, she falsely said she was in an automobile accident, the bar said.

Meanwhile, Muller told the furniture company and an adjuster for the insurance company that the case was still in mediation, the Bar said.